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brucesBruce Steel

Our founder and our mentor Dad is Ben Nevis Angus and the reason behind the exceptional temperament and quality of the cattle.

Bruce & Cherry were winners of the inaugural Stewarts Award for dedication to youth in Agriculture.

cherryCherry Steel

Hospitality plus bookkeeper, and a mean judge of cattle. S

he is known to take off with a horse and buggy on endurance rides.

Hap-head-shotHap Halliday (Steel)

The daughter they couldn’t get rid of so they gave her a job. Erica won the National Junior Judging Competition and studied marketing and beef production at the University of Illinois and worked in a feedlot in Colorado.

She has also been a Director of the Australian Beef Industry Foundation, Australian Beef Association and Chairman of the NSW State Committee and New England Angus Breeders. She has had the honour of working in breed development for Don Nicol. She and her husband Stu have won the prestigious Stewarts Award in recognition of their service to Angus Youth.

Stu-head-shotStu Halliday

Stu is the cutting edge nutrition behind the bulls. He has all the secrets to producing healthy, heavy yearling bulls and well grown, fertile and heavy milking females. (AI and ET man also). He provides Herd Health advice to our clients from fertility to calving and production.

Stu studied Veterinary Science and a Masters in Veterinary Studies at the University of Queensland before concentrating on being a cattle vet and working extensively in Dairy Herd Health and Reproduction in Southern Queensland and the Hunter Valley. He realised he could prevent a lot of the issues he was constantly dealing with like metabolic and reproductive issues and dystocia and set about on a revolutionary path with David Ginter and other vets Rick White and Natasha Junge to develop the highly successful ELMS and AIM programs and protocols around Australia today.

kylieKylie Cox

Ky does the books, crosses the odd t, and dots most of the I’s to keep her sister in line. Ky works full time in Council in Armidale but always helps out at the sale, the Field Day, AI, mustering and with the catalogue.

kidsThe kids

Bonnie Cox, Jack Halliday and Maggie Halliday- master horse riders, musterers, adventurers and show jocks.

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